IIS Smooth Streaming Whitepaper

If you are confused about the difference between Media Streaming, HTTP progressive download, IIS Smooth Streaming and IIS Live Smooth Streaming, here’s a wonderful whitepaper by Alex Zambelli that I strongly suggest you to read.

You know, talking about Digital Assets Management you often hear about streaming, but IMHO sometimes this word is abused. This whitepaper explains you what streaming really is, and talks about other techinques that can reach the same goal, while not streaming anything!

Counting SharePoint list items

Well, this is a tipical situation when you may say “it’s easy”.

And it is, indeed, but you have to be aware of a couple of “small” issues.

First of all, you know that the SPListItemCollection class exposes a count property, you invoke it and voila, you get the total numebr of items contained within a SharePoint list.

But… be careful, because you are fetching *all* items, possibly causing a hige load on the server (SharePoint and SQL Server).

A better approach would be using the ItemCount property of the SPList class.

Which is what I would suggest, with a little gotcha: ItemCount returns exactlt what the name suggests, i.e. the count of all list items, and doing so it *does not* apply any sort of security trimming. In other words, if the code is run within the context of a user who has the rights to view only 5 out of a total of 10 list items, this property returns 10.

Pay a lot attention when you are looping or indexing an SPListItemCollection this way!

Past Events

Here’s a raw list of the SharePoint Events (conferences, seminars) I was a speaker at during the last couple of years. Hopefully I’ll be adding some link to the events’ web sites as well as some pptx presentation (just need to locate them inside my big, big, big mess!)

  • SharePoint Days, Slovenia 2010
  • Dynamic It Community Tour 2010
  • Italian SharePoint Conference 2010
  • SharePoint Saturday EMEA 2010
  • Microsoft TechDays-WPC 2009
  • SharePoint Conference and Workshop, Slovenia 2009
  • SharePoint Future 2009
  • SharePoint Administrators Summit 2009
  • Microsoft TechDays-WPC 2008
  • Italian SharePoint Conference 2008