SharePoint MVP 2013

Yesterday I received an email from my MVP Lead.
I have been renewed as a SharePoint Server MVP for the fifth year in a row 🙂
It’s a great honor and a huge pleasure for me.

I wish to congratulate with all new and renewed MVPs.

And special compliments to Igor (my friend, colleague and boss @ Green Team) and Robi Voncina, whom I met in Slovenia during the local SharePoint Events and who has been awarded for the first time.
Thank you!

Office 365 – Porta il tuo business sulla “nuvola”

During the last month Igor and I have been working on a new book, which has finally been published.

It is all about (guess what…) the Office365 platform 🙂

The first chapters represent a high level overview of the services, explaining what you get “out of the cloud” and how you can configure your subscription according to business requirements and user needs.

Then, a section is dedicated to the administration of these services.

Specific chapters are dedicated to Exchange Online, Lync Online and the Office WebApps.

And… oh, yes, SharePoint Online: end-user experience, customizations, workflows and even a short appendix on SharePoint development.

The book is available both in bookstores and online.

A huge, special thank you goes to Riccardo Celesti (who wrote the chapter about Workflows in SharePoint Online) and to Roberto D’Angelo (who wrote such a wonderful foreword).

Real World SharePoint 2010

Real World SharePoint 2010 - Indispensable Experiences from 22 MVPs

I had the opportunity to contribute to this amazing project, Real World SharePoint 2010 – Indispensable Experiences from 22 MVPs, now published by Wrox (

The book is a sort of anthology, made up of several indipendent, although related topics about SharePoint 2010: workflows, BCS, authentication, management, client and server development.

I wrote, together with my friend and colleague Igor Macori, the chapter about to Digital Assets Management: it covers both administration and development tasks, and it is aimed at providing an overview of the main aspects you should consider while analyzing and defining a DAM solution.

Take a look, you’re going to find somenthing interesting and, I hope, even something fun 🙂