[OT] Translations :-(

I know that literally thousands of posts have been written complaining about (or just making fun of) automatic translations. Anyway… here’s the last one I have come across, after clicking on a download link:


For non Italian readers, here’s a little bit of background.

“To download” (verb) is translated as “scaricare”.

“Download” (noun) is translated as “scaricamento” (well, it should not be translated at all, English terms should be used IMHO especially for technical words).

But the Italian verb “scaricare” is also used in completely different contexts: for example when an electronic device emits an electric shock, we use to say that it is producing a “scarica”.

That’s it!

This web site was so kind to inform me that the link that I had clicked would eventually produce an electric shock. Strange… I didn’t feel any!

Oh wait… I have instructions too. “If there’s no electric shock, I should check the security bar on the bottom of the page, or click here to try again”.


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