PowerShell – Importing and Exporting the command History

You know… one of the key architectural design of PowerShell states that “everything is an object”.

So, once you start thinking with this approach in mind, even some tedious task can become extremely easy.

Consider, for example, a situation when you have typed tons of commands (or a combination of those) in a PowerShell console. and you wish to “save your work” without having to retype everything again.

If you are thinking abuot copying and pasting everything from the console ui (whose screen buffer size you had previously set to 1 million rows, didn’t you? Smile), wait a while and try to execute:


You’ll get back a collection of objects that represent the commands you have typed so far.

And of course, since they are PowerShell objects, they can be serialzed and saved just by executing the Export-Clixml commandlet:

Get-History | Export-Clixml -Path c:\yourhistoryfile.xml

Then, just close your console, run it again and run type something like:

Add-History -InputObject (Import-Clixml -Path c:\yourhistoryfile.xml)

Now, type Get-History again and… voila, everything’s there!

You can now execute one of the commands just by running the Invoke-History cmdlet, passing in the command index as returned by the Get-History output.

Easy, isn’t it?