PowerShell Profiles and Processor Architectures

I’m using PowerShell profiles quite extensively, especially because I’m typically working on several (virtual) machines and profiles are definitely easy to keep settings in sync.

Profiles are independent from the Processor Architecture, which means that you should be careful when loading snap-ins or invoking features that rely on a specific architecture.

One way to ensure that your profile scripts run smoothly on both x86 and x64 processes is to apply conditional logics based on the PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE environment variable ($env:PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE).

I would suggest you to perform this check even if you think that you will only be executing scripts with the x64 Shell.

You may think “no, I’ll never be using the x86 version of PowerShell”… you’re probably right, until you try to launch a script from within the Visual Studio IDE 🙁


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