SharePoint Future 2012

SharePoint Future 2012
SharePoint Future 2012

We launched the SharePoint Future brand back in 2009, during the very early days of the SharePoint 2010 beta timeframe.

It was the first event in Italy (and probably the first or the second one in Europe) about SharePoint 2010, just a week after the public disclosure, which took place during the SharePoint Conference in Vegas.

Three years after, the new “15” wave is the new “future”: SharePoint 2013 reached RTM some weeks ago, bringing to the masses a plethora of new and exciting features in most, if not all, of the pillars that constitute the SharePoint platform.

It’s time for a new edition of the SharePoint Future event!

SharePoint Future 2012 will take place in Milan on November 27.

On the event website, you can find all the information you need: content, logistics, registration.

I will be presenting 2 sessions about Search and Web Content Management and about the new Developer stuff, with special emphasis on the new Workflow platform.

And… well, this is just a small prelude of what we’ll be talking about during the SharePoint and Office Conference 2013.

See you in Milan!



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