SP Documentation Kit

I got an email by my friend and colleague Toni Frankola, where he announced the release of its great SP Documentation Kit.

Here’s an excerpt:

The idea here is simple: every once in a while I had to document a SharePoint farm. That was boring, repetitive task I did not like to that, so I decided to make a tool to help me automate that. Here it is: http://www.spdockit.com/

Key features:

•         Create professional looking (Word format) SharePoint 2010 Farm documentation

•         Compare settings between different farms (e.g. QA/Production or two different customers)

•         Track farm changes

Links and instructions:

1. Download from: http://www.spdockit.com/downloads/

2. Quick Start Guide: http://www.spdockit.com/help/quick-start-guide/

3. How to generate farm documentation: http://www.spdockit.com/help/how-to/create-sharepoint-farm-documentation/

I remember that Toni talked to me about this project almost one year ago, when we met at the Slovenian SharePoint Conference in Ljubljana.

At the time, I could only say “great idea, Toni”.

Now I can definitely say “great tool Toni”.

Well done!!