SEO Toolkit and disk usage

Short introduction, for those of you who do not know the SEO Toolkit.

In a nutshell, it’s the Search Engine Optimization toolkit that you can download and install over your IIS setup.

It adds a new feature that allows you to run a spider over a web site (typicaly, a public, anonymous site, although the tool is not limited to anonymous authentication) and get back a ton of results.

The tool itself is able to read these results, aggregate them and provide you some report.

You get reports about SEO rules that are not fulfilled (pages without the title tag, images without the alt attribute, and several other, sometimes complex rules).

You also get reports about pages performance (which page/resource took more time to be downloaded?)

You get tons, tons of interesting stuff in the form of reports.

But nothing comes for free.

I was running out of disk space a couple of days ago on one of my development machines, I tried to find out where the causes reside, and… bingo! I had 19 GB (19,000+ MB, yes) occupied by the SEO Toolkit results.


Bugs by Design

Did you know this?

“If a BDC model was created by using SharePoint Designer 2010, you must use SharePoint Designer to export the BDC model. If a model that was created by using SharePoint Designer is exported by using Central Administration or the Export-SPBusinessDataCatalogModel cmdlet, the exported model file includes only placeholders for the external content types.”

Now, just to be concise and clear, how is this feature filed? “By Design”!

I hate “bugs by design”!!